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We use the most accurate DNA labs in the country.
Our testing is more reliable than the home kits and you will get the results sooner.
Advantages of testing at our facility to home testing kits:
  • More reliable
  • Home test kits require additional fees for shipping and quick results
  • When you order a home kit it will take up to 18 days to reach you then another 12 days to get results (30 days)
  • When tested at our facility you will have results in 7 working days
No labs are more accurate than ours.
We use 16 genetic markers - the most accurate available.
There are two types of paternity testing: Legal and Personal. Both are equally accurate.
Legal paternity testing is admissible in court and is often used to prove or disprove paternity.
Personal paternity testing is not legally admissible and is done for the knowledge and peace
of mind of the involved individuals.
Testing is usually done on the child and the possible father. We recommend that the mother be tested also as that insures even more accuracy.The test is done by a technician who takes cheek swabs. It is painless, even for a baby. No blood is drawn.The process takes about a half hour for the testing of two people and forty five minutes for the testing of three.
             The legal test costs more because it requires more documentation and procedures on the
             part of the technician. The legal test includes a notarized statement of the results which can be
             sent or faxed to you or your attorney.
             The personal test results can be sent or faxed to you also. They are just as accurate but there 
             is no notarization of the results and they are not admissible in court. Results of all tests are
             usually received in four to five working days.
              Our fees for paternity testing are the lowest in Solano County:
              Legal Paternity Test:          $335.00
              Personal Paternity Test:     $225.00
1) Paternity
2) Maternity
3) Grandparentage
4) Siblings

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