Vacaville, Fairfield, and Dixon                       
(707) 447-9651

We offer many services and are adding more as they are needed by the public. Services include:
  • Lab-based urine testing for drugs. Results in 4 days usually.
  • Quick tests for a 7 or 10 panel drug screen.
  • Breath alcohol testing (BAT). We use a state of the art Phoenix 6.0 tester. Results in 10 minutes
  • Hair testing can track use of a number of drugs for up to 60 days
  • Legal Paternity Testing. We collect for the largest DNA testing lab in the country. Results can be used in court to verify or disprove paternity.
  • On-site drug testing.
  • Post accident on-site drug testing.
  • Post accident mobile drug testing.
  • Physical Exams:
               Return to work
               School sports, etc.



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